J Faulds reviewed Rapid Change hypnotherapy-

23 March 2019

I am so pleased with myself for quitting the habit. I was smoking 20 a day and actually quit in one session although I came back for a free second session after 6 weeks as I though I needed to firm things up but william did his stuff and I was totally fine. william made this so easy for me by explaining why this approach works. Three months and two weeks later as of time of writing this feedback I haven't smoked and feeling fantastic.

J Faulds


I was bad with travel sickness weather by public transport or by car I would always feel sick and sometimes actually be sick, but since William has helped me I can travel now without feeling sick at all and this has made a massive difference in my life. I am so happy and truly grateful for William’s help.

K. Monteith


Allison Stewart reviewed Rapid change hypnotherapy –
5 star
26 October 2017 ·

I have suffered from insomnia for years, I got to the stage I was hardly sleeping at all so I contacted William at rapid change hypnotherapy, he was fantastic he taught me how to relax, he also lowered my self talk and inner thoughts that were keeping me awake at night ,I'm sleeping much better than I have done in years, I'm grateful for his help and I have already recommended William to my colleagues

two men doing hyponosis



William was fantastic, he has helped me with my fear of spiders, I couldn’t believe how fast it had worked. I’m never going to be best friends with spiders, but I don’t have that initial crippling fear that I had before, I would recommend him to my friends.

B. Cunningham


Karen Irene Monteith reviewed Rapid change hypnotherapy –
5 star
2 November 2017 ·
I have known William for a long time but wasn’t sure if he could help with my spider phobia but he was brilliant at helping me, and now I’m dealing with those pesky spiders every day whereas before I was terrified and I wouldn’t go near them, I would highly recommend William to my friends and colleagues


LorraineM-147 5 STAR 
Excellent I have suffered from chronic back pain for years, the pain was so severe at times I actually fainted on a few occasions even my GP couldn't help, I went to rapid change hypnotherapy and was totally free from pain within 20 minutes, I was confused and amazed how this could happen so quickly after all those years of pain so i don't have to keep taking strong pain killers now which is great. I would highly recommend rapid change hypnotherapy as I have a new lease of life now. 



IreneM-51  5 Star
Finally Fearless. Thanks to Rapid Change Hypnotherapy I finally had the nerve to go through with my knee op. Terrified isn't the word but after only a 20 minutes session operation done and dusted. wish I'd have known about this sooner.



KarenM-472   5 Star


Before and after pic.

Highly recommend! I have used Rapid Change Hypnotherapy for weight loss using the virtual gastric band programme, I lost 10lbs in the first week and consistently lost weight the following months. I have also used Rapid Change Hypnotherapy for a spider phobia and anxiety in the past, and highly recommended this hypnotherapist.